This blog is a steel-guitarist’s self-improvement notes.

I’m a busy father, husband and graphic designer (and amateur musician). So, this is an online notebook for me to post ideas, track and organize my progress as a musician, and post things that interest me.

Note that I’ve back-dated some content to provide a kind of narrative consistent to my evolution as a player.

All content open to criticism!
In the recent past I’ve played with
Phantoms of the Opry (currently a member)
Victor & Penny (guest)
Rex Hobart and the Misery Boys (the long-term band that rarely ever plays but never breaks up)

A While Ago
The New Amsterdams (guest)
The New Tragedies (guest)
Mike Ireland and Holler (member of the 2003-2007 iteration)

Really Way Back
Mr. Marco’s V7s (guest)
Sandoval (my first band I played in clubs with)
The Witness Band (my first band ever – we played every church pot luck in eastern Kansas)


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