Here’s my tab transcription for C6 6-string lap steel of the Thelonious Monk Quartet Misterioso head section from the album Misterioso.

The tuning is good old standard CEGACE. Low to high.

I love that it’s a Bb tune but we’re playing down around the 5th fret. (Typically my head tends to put me up at the 10th fret for Bb.)

(Click on the Flat logo to see/hear the whole piece.)


Here’s me (and my hairy legs) and my RAM Speak Easy 8-string (I only use the top 6 strings for this.)

Original piece:


Figure 3-6

Here’s a C6 lap steel transcription for this particular Woody Shaw passage:


Here’s the C6 lap steel transcription I’ve written out:

FullSizeRender 2

I love how outside of my own box this takes me (phrase starts on a six and ends on a 9) but at the same time is completely approachable because of how nicely it lays out on the neck. Nothing crazy. Eleven notes in six moves. Five moves each hold two notes. Efficient!

Here’s the original passage starting at the specific passage: