Dave Easley

Had the pleasure recently to help organize an impromptu show in Kansas City for Dave Easley. Since I’m most familiar with his pedal steel playing it was totally interesting to see him play a 10-string weissenborn for the whole two-hour show. He played some standards like I’d hoped and then also did a few pop and country standards to boot.

Probably may favorite thing was watching these guys come up with the repertoire and arrangements on the spot despite no rehearsal.

The band were seasoned jazz all-stars Bryan Hicks on bass, Arny Young drums, and young gun Adam Schlozman on guitar.


Figure 2-1 Stella

I’m attempting to start a series of posts that demonstrate and document my approach to transcribing exercises and sample passages of music from existing notation for piano into C6/A7 Low F 8-string lap steel tuning. These are exercises completely for my own learning.

Here’s the four-bar passage

Here’s Victor Young’s recording (starting from the particular passage)


Here’s how I’ve transcribed it for C6/A7 Low F 8-string lap steel tuning:

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 10.54.35 PM