Jazz-Influenced 12-Bar Blues

More recently I’ve been exploring the possibilities of rhythm lap steel for swing. Currently there’s not a ton of solo lap steel rhythm playing changes out there (Mike Neer is the exception). So, driving this influence for me is the guitar recordings of Eldon Shamblin and Whit Smith. What’s fascinating to me in players like this is how they take a simple three or four chord progression song and really dress it up in fancier chords.

To me, learning this approach from a blues progression is a good place to start since blues music shares ground with and is the foundation of jazz. So for Christmas I asked for the Joe Pass The Blue Side of Jazz instruction DVD and have been working through that.

In the video I made today I took exercise 3 from that DVD which I’ve really been digesting and translating recently for the lap steel tuning of C6/A7 Low F.

I play an eight string Speakeasy made by RAM Guitars and play through an old Alamo Fury with a 15-inch speaker.


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