Steel Guitar T-Shirts


As a graphic designer by profession for a large marketing and design firm I’m always on the lookout for great visual creative work. T-shirts are on my radar a lot and over the last few years I’ve been thinking about the lack of many smart steel guitar T-shirts for people like us. So, I’m trying to fix that.

The ideas are simple and straightforward – if you know steel culture. And a lot of credit goes to the lap steel community on the Steel Guitar Forum for helping me vet ideas and generate new ones.

A few years ago this would have been a lot less possible without start up costs to make any products. But more recently print-on-demand apparel, e-commerce and fulfillment have made it very simple to upload custom designs online with no investment upfront or back office work whatsoever. So, I’ve put up some starter designs at TeePublic and have plans for more.

So, if you are interested, check out my TeePublic store page and stay up-to-date with this effort on the Facebook page.


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