Basin Street Blues Solo for C6

One of my favorite Bob Wills cuts is this version of Basin Street Blues primarily for the vibe, but what I’m focusing on and semi-replicating here is the trumpet chorus on the intro (not sure of the musician!) This is a great example of Bob Wills and his band interpreting a pop favorite and Tommy Duncan‘s vocals have a lazy delivery that fits the slow blues nature of this song perfectly.

The big idea here was for me to find and interpret a solo (not necessarily a steel solo) and tab it out for steel. (95 percent accurately).

I use the C6/A7 low F tuning spelled low to high: F, A, C#, E, G, A, C, E

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 12.01.34 AM

Download entire tab (PDF) and/or TablEdit audio file.


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