Heartland Steel Guitar Festival / Riverside, Missouri


This was a big deal to me because I really admire the players who can jump up on a bandstand with an unrehearsed band and get through it brilliantly. It was so much fun and I had a player’s buzz the rest of the day. (I was the 10:30 am slot.) It was small and sparsely attended event but I practiced my ass off to Band-in-a-Box and made charts for the band (and what a band!) I was so nervous my foot was coming off the my volume/tone pedal.

I only have pictures thanks to Jim Mathis (another steeler on the show that day) and still asking around for any audio or video.

A big thanks to Anne for tolerating the extra practice time I took at home and to Russ Wever who allowed me to bounce ideas off him and give me feedback. What a cool event for area steel players to get showcased for. I really have to hand it to the guys to planned this and were able to pull it off.

Learn more about the Heartland Steel Guitar Association here and their bimonthly jams.



Test Driving My New Single 8-String

I’ve been wanting a single-neck 8-string for awhile. Finding practice time with a family and a new (old) house is totally different than it was as a single dude. So, having something readily available without setting up legs (to say nothing of pedals!) is way easier.